Why Open Law Africa?

Africa is marked with critical gaps in legal information availability: its collection; processing; preservation and dissemination. This has a negative impact on the continent’s development, given the role that the availability of the law has in stimulating investment and strengthening democracy and the rule of law.

It is important to ensure that African citizens gain the necessary leverage from having the ability to freely access the laws that govern them, know their legal rights, understand the limits of public power and enforce accountability.

It is important to ensure that governments, civil society, academia and entrepenuers are capable of obtaining and using up-to-date and authoritative legal information, and thus help solve the pressing problems of our continent. 

Fortunately, more African countries are increasingly expressing interest in making their legal systems more accessible and transparent. Open Law Africa is a platform to promote conversations and collaborations around achieving these objectives.  

Read the outcome reports below.

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