Nomination Criteria

Nominees may be public or private institutions, individuals or technology innovators. They should meet some of the following requirements:

Significant contribution to free access to law in any African country or the continent.  Demonstration of contribution should include:

  • An underlying motivation for the contribution
  • Identify a need that the contribution met
  • An opportunity recognized
  • A lucid, replicable approach, methodology, or product conceptualized to meet the need

The contribution has value add

  • Is the contribution meeting the need?
  • Is it unique or any different from similar services or products?
  • How is it influencing access to legal information or altering policy and practices around access to information?
  • What message does the intervention communicate?
  • What social value has it created?

The contribution has made impact

  • What has been accomplished?
  • What value has the nominee validated?
  • What value has the public derived?
  • How does the intervention complement the larger Free Access to Law Movement?
  • How is it an inspiration for others, or how has it been?

Submission of Nominations

Nominations are now open. The closing date is September 23, 2016. Submissions may be made on this online nomination form, or alternatively should be emailed to

Selection and Announcement of Awardees

Awardees will be selected by a Panel comprising judges, information practitioners and members of the legal fraternity.  The panel will be announced shortly before the submission window closes. The winners will be announced at the Open Law Africa Workshop on 7-8 November 2016.